MediPros® Barbed Broach



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Barbed Broach Endo Dental RCT Files 21MM 25MM Assorted - 21 mm D14058 $8.50/pack
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#10 Purple - 21 mm D14273 $8.50/pack
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#15 White - 21 mm D14280 $8.50/pack
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#20 Yellow - 21 mm D14297 $8.50/pack
#25 Red - 21 mm D14509 $8.50/pack
Barbed Broach Endo Dental RCT Files 21MM 25MM Assorted - 25 mm D14065 $8.50/pack
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#10 Purple - 25 mm D14211 $8.50/pack
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#15 White - 25 mm D14228 $8.50/pack
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#20 Yellow - 25 mm D14235 $8.50/pack
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#25 Red - 25 mm D14242 $8.50/pack
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#30 Blue - 25 mm D14266 $8.50/pack
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MediPros® Barbed Broach 

Barbed Broach Endo RCT Hand Files 21mm and 25mm are hand instruments designed to remove the pulp from canal chambers. Usually featuring twisted wires with barbs.

These instruments can go deep into the tooth, gently catch pulp material on the barbs, and then remove tissues from the canal.


  • Stainless Steel Endo Hand file Material
  • 21mm and 25 mm
  • 10 pcs/pack

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#10 Purple, #15 White, #20 Yellow, #25 Red, #30 Blue, Assorted