Clinidet Detergent 5 L/15 L


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Clinidet Detergent 5 L/15 L

Medical & Dental Instrument & Equipment Detergent

Standards AS/NZS 4187 & AS /NZS 4815 Complaint

Ultrasonic, Manual & Hard Surface Cleaning


Ultrasonic Cleaning:Add 1 pump (8ml) of Clinidet® per 2L of water.

Note: Change washing solution regularly throughout the day to maximise cleaning efficacy & to prevent recontamination.

Manual Cleaning:Fill sink or basin to desired level with tepid water. Add 1 pump (8ml) of Clinidet® per 2L of water. Follow the recommended cleaning protoclos stated in AS/NZS 4187 or AS/NZS 4815 or as per practice manual.

Hard Surface Cleaning: Add 1 pump (8ml) of Clinidet® into the 500ml “Clinidet Office Dispenser” then fill with clean water. Apply to surface then wipe dry with a suitable lint free cloth.

Note: A higher concentration of Clinidet® is recommended in the office dispenser to assist surface cleaning due to the short contact times involved.

Safety & First Aid: Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if swallowed. Wash eyes or skin with cold water if contact is made.

* Cleaning agents, other formulated products & chemicals should never be mixed. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place.

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Clinidet Detergent

5L, 15L, Clinidet & Viacctum, Clinidet & CliniJet, Clinidet & Viacctum & CliniJet