MediPros® Dental Impression Material


Heavy & Light Body Fast Set

Working time: less than ≤ 40 sec.

Setting time: ≥2 min. 30 sec.

Bite Registration & Medium Body Regular Set

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Light Body Fast Set D11153 $31.00/Cartridge
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Medium Body Regular Set D1814 $31.00/Cartridge
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Heavy Body Fast Set D11146 $31.00/Cartridge
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Bite Registration Regular Set D4202 $31.00/Cartridge
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MediPros® Dental Impression Material

Dental impression material is of a liquid or semi-solid nature when first mixed and placed in the mouth. It then sets to become an elastic solid (usually takes a few minutes depending upon the material).

  • No hand mixing
  • Eliminates mess and cleanup
  • Tolerates disinfectants
  • Alleviates concerns about contaminated impressions

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Impression Material

Heavy Body Fast Set, Light Body Fast Set, Medium Body Regular Set, Bite Registration Regular Set