MediPros® Impression Trays Light Blue


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size 1-large upper D11679 $7.50/bag
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size 2-large lower D11686 $7.50/bag
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size 3-medium upper D11693 $7.50/bag
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size 4-medium lower D11709 $7.50/bag
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size 5-small upper D11716 $7.50/bag
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size 6-small lower D11723 $7.50/bag
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MediPros® Impression Trays

Designed by professionals for the professional. The superb quality of molding and surface
finish. Used to carry, confine and control the impression material from patients’ mouths.

12 pcs/bag

SKU: D11723 / D11716 / D11709 / D11693 / D11686 / D11679


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Medipros Impression Trays

size 1-large upper, size 2-large lower, size 3-medium upper, size 4-medium lower, size 5-small upper, size 6-small lower, size 7-quadrant 2&4, size 8-quadrant 1&3, size 9-anterior