MediPros® Disposable Dental Impression Trays CC


MediPros® Disposable Dental Impression Trays Colour Coded, Used with Impression Materials, Size 1 to Size 9 for Upper and Lower Side.



9 Sizes

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size 9-anterior - Yellow D11884 $7.50/bag
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size 8-quadrant 2&4 - White D11808 $7.50/bag
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size 7-quadrant 1&3 - White D11792 $7.50/bag
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size 6-small lower - Yellow D11785 $7.50/bag
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size 5-small upper - Yellow D11778 $7.50/bag
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size 4-medium lower - Green D11761 $7.50/bag
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size 3-medium upper - Green D11754 $7.50/bag
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size 2-large lower - Blue D11747 $7.50/bag
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size 1-large upper - Blue D11730 $7.50/bag
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MediPros® Disposable Dental Impression Trays

MediPros® Disposable Dental Impression Trays, designed by professionals for the professional.

The superb quality of molding and surface finish. Used to carry, confine and control the impression material from patients’ mouth.

Color-coded for easy use.

Variable size


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SKU: D11884 / D11808 / D11792 / D11785 / D11778 / D11761 / D11754 / D11747 / D11730

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size 1-large upper – Blue, size 2-large lower – Blue, size 3-medium upper – Green, size 4-medium lower – Green, size 5-small upper – Yellow, size 6-small lower – Yellow, size 7-quadrant 1&3 – White, size 8-quadrant 2&4 – White, size 9-anterior – Yellow