MediPros® Endo K File 21/25 MM #6-#80


Application: Used For Fast Removal Of Debris

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Length: 21/25 mm

6 pcs/box

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21 MM - #6 D14605 $8.50/pack
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21 MM - #8 D14612 $8.50/pack
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21 MM - #15 D14636 $8.50/pack
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21 MM - #70 D14735 $8.50/pack
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21 MM - #80 D14541 $8.50/pack
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25 MM - #6 D14742 $8.50/pack
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25 MM - #10 D14766 $8.50/pack
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25 MM - #15 D14773 $8.50/pack
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25 MM - #20 D14780 $8.50/pack
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25 MM - #25 D14797 $8.50/pack
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MediPros® Endo K File 21/25 MM #6-#80


1. Materials: Imported raw materials–dental high-quality raw materials.
2. Silicone stoppers: Dental high-quality raw materials, length determination when root canal treatment
3. Handle: Each file with a clear sign for an ISO size accordingly
4. provides the precision and quality to enhance your expertise with stainless steel files
5. A heritage of timeless precision and quality in steel
6. ISO 06-25 square cross-section for better fracture resistance
7. ISO 30-140 triangular cross-section for better cutting efficiency
8. Instrument type and ISO size are clearly marked on the handle
9. Special steel alloy with the uniform structure for maximum resistance to fracture and maximum flexibility
10. Radiopaque depth marks
11. The inactive tip conducts the instrument safely along the canal
12. With pre-mounted silicone stoppers
13. Also available in OEM packaging

Operation Sequence:

Work in quarters of rotations; then withdraw the instrument
For all preparation techniques with a filing motion


1. Only skilled dentists are allowed to use.
2. Be sure to sterilize this product for each use.
3. Do not use this product except for the dental service and treatment. Use it in accordance with the intended use.

Precautions for use:

1. To prevent infection, sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure sterilization is completed before using it.
2. Choose the most appropriate type for each case and follow the general method.
3. Before using, make sure the instruments outside of the dental cavity that there are no deformations, scratches, and cracks.
4. If the head of the product is thin, long or large, there are possibilities for breaking or twisting. Because of this, be sure to avoid using unreasonable angles and excessive pressure.
5. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Also, wear a dust protective mask to prevent inhaling dust.
6. Wear a rubber dam etc. to avoid accidental ingestion and falling.
7. Do not use this instrument for any purposes except for the listed applications above.
8. Only for use by dentists.
9. After using, follow an appropriate treatment as medical waste.
10. Dispose of the product if damaged or contaminated.
11. After using, wash it with medical cleaning agent and brush, then wash away foreign substances like adherent body fluids and body tissues.
12. Set the product to a stand when cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaner to avoid working part deterioration.
13. Use this product with great care to avoid puncturing fingers because of its possession of the sharp-edged part.

Storages and duration of use:

1. Avoid storing at high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight. Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature.
2. Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials.
3. Do not keep under the germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration.

Maintenances and inspections:

1. Sterilize this product by autoclave under established method and term for each use.
Method of sterilization:
Put this product in a sterilization pack or (or foil) and place it on a sterilization tray, or files stand for autoclave sterilization with reference to the following terms.
Terms for sterilization:
term(1) temperature: 121 degrees Celsius time: 20 minutes or more
term(2) temperature: 126 degrees Celsius time: 15 minutes or more
2. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degrees Celsius including drying process.
3. When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances completely and sterilize.
4. Regarding use of medical cleaning agent, follow the instruction manual by its manufacturer strictly.
5. Dispose the product if damaged or decreased in performance

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21 MM, 25 MM


#6, #8, #10, #15, #20, #25, #30, #35, #40, #45, #50, #55, #60, #70, #80