MediPros® Fibre Optic High Speed Handpiece & Couplings


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MediPros® Fibre Optic Handpiece Couplings

*1 year Due Care unconditional warranty

The high-speed Fibre Optic Handpiece Couplings is a precision device for the removal of tooth tissue efficiently and rapidly with no pressure, heat, or vibration. These highspeed handpieces ergonomically combine form and function and reduced the risk of pulpal damage when used properly. The superb quality and precision of these handpieces will make your daily work significantly easier.


• High speed handpiece: 3 way spray 3 air
• Chuck type: push button
• Bulb: LED light
• Noise:≤70dB
• Air pressure: 0.25-0.28MPA (6 hole)
• Bur applicable: 01.59-01.6mmx21-23mm
• Rotation speed: 300,000rpm
• Bulb power:1w
• Work voltage: 2.9v-3.2v
• Work current:160mA.

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NSK, Sirona, KAVO, W&H

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Handpiece, Coupling