HL-AH G8 Amalgamator


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HL-AH G8 Amalgamator


Model HL-AH G8 Amalgamator, which controlled by a microprocessor to ensure a precise, controlled, consistent mix. With wide oscillating range (adjust any Speed as your desire from 2800 rpm to 5000 rpm; time from 1 S to 99 S), it is suitable for all the capsule and glass ionomer sold in the market. For safe operation, the motor will stop, when the mask is open. It with rubber pad to avoid dust, liquid, and capsule fall into. It can satisfy different customers’ requirements. CE,FDA approved.

1. With digital LCD showing speed and time.
2. Adjust Time and Speed freely.
(Time from 1 S~99 S, Speed from 2800 rpm~5000 rpm)
3. Time setting with memory function.
4. Security Guard design, motor will stop when the mask is open.
5. Ergonomic design, which looks like a beetle car.
6. It’s revolve according to“8”model.
7. Noiseless, very stable operation.
8. Electrical safety standard met.
9. Four colors for choose.
10. Easy maintenance.

Technical Parameter

1)Power voltage

2)Motor power: 40 W

3)Blending speed: adjust any speed as your desire from 2800 rpm to 5000 rpm

4)Range of timing: 1-99 S

5)Noise level: less than 65 db (A)

6)Gross weight: 2 kg

7)Size: 260*220*190 mm