HL-IV LED3 Curing Light


Pure Aluminum Handle

  • Adjust curing time, intensity, and working mode
  • Show curing time, intensity, mode, battery
  • Different output choices of 7W, 5W
  • High articulation optical fibre
  • LCD  Display
  • Function button
  • Super capacity battery
  • Available colours: Silver, Golden, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Dark.

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  • Light output: 200-1500mw/cm², adjustable
  • Wavelength: 450nm-470nm
  • LCD display shows curing time, intensity, mode, and battery.
  • Wireless and corded are compatible
  • 3 working modes: flashing, gradually strong, strong
  • Curing time: 3-15 seconds, maximum 3s / 5nm
  • Solidify all brands of resin materials
  • A full charge can be used more than 480 times continuously
  • The light source adopts 5W original American LED
  • Based on light measure system