MediPros® Stainless Steel Intra Oral Mirror Set


Intra Oral Mirror 01 Lingual

Intra Oral Mirror 02 Buccal

Intra Oral Mirror 03  Occlusal Child

Intra Oral Mirror 04  Occlusal Adult

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Whole Set $260.00 $229.00/each
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04  Occlusal Adult D1819 $65.00/each
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03  Occlusal Child D1818 $65.00/each
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02 Buccal D1817 $65.00/each
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01 Lingual D1816 $65.00/each
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MediPros® Stainless Steel Intra Oral Mirror Set

  • High reflectivity, offering the finest possible color and image transfer.
  • Compatible with cold sterilization and autoclave techniques.
  • Made from stainless steel and coated with nickel chromium for maximum reflectivity.
  • Designed with polished, rounded edges for patient comfort.
  • Necessary tool for dentists in dental treatment.

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Intra Oral Mirror

01 Lingual, 02 Buccal, 03  Occlusal Child, 04  Occlusal Adult, Whole Set