MediPros® Intra Oral Mirror


Intra Oral Mirror, Piece A   $60

Intra Oral Mirror, Piece C   $60


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Intra Oral Mirror, Piece A  D11351 $60.00/piece
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Intra Oral Mirror, Piece B D11368 $80.00/piece
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Intra Oral Mirror, Piece C D11375 $60.00/piece
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Flexible Contrastor No.6 D00G7* $65.00/piece
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Flexible Contrastor No.7 D00G6* $65.00/piece
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MediPros® Intra Oral Mirror

Intraoral photography is an integral part of modern orthodontics for obtaining records before, during, and after treatment. Use of a high-quality mirror is required to obtain good buccal and occlusal views of the dentition.

a) One set contents 3 pcs (large, lateral ,side)
b) These mirrors offer the finest possible color and image transfer. Manufactured with The mirrors have polished, rounded edges for patient comfort. Compatible with cold sterilizatio and autoclave techniques
c) Autoclavebale and Sterilizablewith high grade stainless steel and coated with nickel chromium for maximum reflective qualities
d) Material: High quality medical standard stainless steel
e) Stainless Steel nickel chromium coating
f) Reflectivity close to 100%
g) True color representation
h) Autoclavable

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Intra Oral Mirror, Piece A , Intra Oral Mirror, Piece B, Intra Oral Mirror, Piece C, Intra Oral Mirror A, B, C Set, Flexible Contrastor No.6, Flexible Contrastor No.7