MediPros® LED Curing Light


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MediPros® LED Curing Light

LED Curing Lights feature optimized optics that allow for a homogeneous light distribution. The small and exquisite design also significantly reduces the
the opening angle of the mouth, promoting greater accessibility and patient comfort in restoration procedures.

Curing mode:
• Wide spectrum, wavelength: 385~520nm
• Light power ≥1200mw/ cm2
• Curing time: 10 seconds/20 seconds
• Curable depth: 8mm
• One press (10s)
• Double press (20s)

Caries detection mode:
• Wavelength: 380~420nm
• Light power: 40-280mw/ cm2
• One press (30s)
• Double press (60s)
• Green (Healthy)
• Red (Bacterial dentin)

• Full metal body
• Body diameter: 13mm
• 3600 rotatable head
• Control key indicator light
• Cordless portability
• Built-in high sensitive LED metering system

Kit contents:
• Curing light handpiece
• Two batteries as standard, a fully charged battery can be used 200 times(10s curing mode)
• Charging dock
• Light protective goggles
• Three curing light cones