MediPros® Neutral Bactericidal Wipe Canister- Hospital Grade

$15.80 $12.64/Bottle

180 Pre-saturated Towelettes

Size: 15*16 cm

limit of 24 bottles per customer

Maximum Qty: 24


MediPros® Neutral Bactericidal Wipe Canister- Hospital Grade


Neutral Bactericidal Wipes are an alcohol and fragrance-free solution to cleaning medical surfaces. They exhibit sufficient bactericidal activity to substantiate an antibacterial claim so you can be sure your surfaces are hygienically clean. They are suitable for health care and general cleaning purposes. These wipes remove the need for cloths, spray bottles and harsh chemicals.

Directions For Use:
  1. To unscrew the lid, remove foil seal, then locate the middle towelette, pull the center sheet from roll.
  2. Twist to a point, and feed through dispenser hole in the cover.
  3. The next towelette will feed automatically ready for the next use.
  4. Keep cap closed to prevent moisture loss.
  5. Reseal the flap to store the container and avoid evaporation.