MediPros® Safety Glasses



  • Disposable ( Tinted ) 20 Frames + 20 Shields
  • Disposable 5 Frames + 5 Shields
  • Disposable 1 Frame + 10 Shields
  • Tinted With Case
  • Clear With Case
  • Orange Lens With Case
  • Cover All Goggles
  • Goggles with AH
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Disposable ( Tinted ) 20 Frames + 20 Shields D11332 $19.95
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Disposable 5 Frames + 5 Shields D11301 $5.00
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Disposable 1 Frame + 10 Shields D11201 $6.00
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Tinted With Case D11318 $18.00
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Orange Lens With Case D11325 $19.00
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Clear With Case D11295 $20.00
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Cover All Goggles M19149 $9.95
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MediPros® Safety Glasses

Disposable Safety Glasses

Disposable protective eyewear clear lenses.

Plastic frames with clear lens, assembled.

Designed for use in situations involving splashing or spraying of fluids.

  • Good Anti-fog effect
  • Anti-dust
  • Prevent droplets
  • Prevent splash
  • Good light transmission

Tinted With Case

uv protection

Clear With Case

For most people to accept the design, comfortable and lightweight.
Anti -fog coating to prevent fogging scratch resistant coating to prevent scratching.
Great for Dentists and Lab Technicians.
Protection: effective protection iron, dust, sand, etc. splash caused danger to the eyes.
Suitable for mining, cooking, riding, motorcycles, construction, hardware, car and so on.

Orange Lens With Case

Designed with high-wrap polycarbonate lenses and integral side shields to provide a comfortable fit and ultimate protection. Comes with a case to keep glasses in good condition for longer.
• Orange tint to protect from curing light glare
• Sleek unisex styling, lightweight, comfortable and exceptional value
• Safe wrap-around design

Cover All Goggles

Without Air Holes

  • Excellent general purpose goggles
  • Lightweight with adjustable strap for comfort