MediPros® Sterilization Pouches


200 pcs/box

57*100 mm   $6.90/box  30 Boxes/CTN

70*230 mm  $8.50/box  20 Boxes/CTN

90*230 mm  $9.40/box  20 Boxes/CTN

90*140 mm  $8.50/box  20 Boxes/CTN

100*260 mm  $12.00/box   – Special Design for Extra Long Surgical Instrument  20 Boxes/CTN

135*255 mm  $19.80/box  10 Boxes/CTN

220*350 mm  $32.80/box  5 Boxes/CTN

260*380 mm  $54.00/ box  5 Boxes/CTN

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57*100mm - Box M10299 $6.90/box
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57*100mm - Carton $135.00/box
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90*230mm - Box M10329 $9.40/box
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90*230mm - Carton $144.00/box
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90*140mm - Box M10312 $8.50/box
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90*140mm - Carton $136.00/box
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70*230mm - Box M10305 $8.50/box
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70*230mm - Carton $136.00/box
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100*260mm - Box M10350 $12.00/box
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100*260mm - Carton $190.00/box
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135*255mm - Box M10336 $19.80/box
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135*255mm - Carton $160.00/box
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220*350mm - Box M10343 $32.80/box
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220*350mm - Carton $125.00/box
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260*380mm - Box M10367 $54.00/box
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260*380mm - Carton $225.00/box
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MediPros® Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization pouches as a packaging solution for sterilization applications, ensure the protection of the medical device against contamination with bacteria and chemicals from the time of sterilization until use of the sterile medical device.

  • Quick and secure closing of a pack without a heat sealer
  • The closing flap is prefolded to facilitate tight triple sealing
  • Uniquely designed to give more record space
  • Internal/External/Imprint triple test to make sure sterilization is completed

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57*100mm, 90*230mm, 90*140mm, 70*230mm, 100*260mm, 135*255mm, 220*350mm, 260*380mm


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