SE Plus Mouth Mirror #4/#5


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SE Plus Mouth Mirror #4/#5

Differences between SE Plus Mouth Mirror #4/#5 & TOP Vision Mouth Mirror Rhodium FS #4/#5:

SEplus provides a high sight comfort and the result is a bright and most brilliant reflection in natural colours.

TOP Vision Rhodium reflects colours with a “warmer” touch, the new FS-Combi coating with a “cooler” touch.

High reflection and best image quality

The SEplus reflection layer with its double pure silver coating, generated in a high vacuum, guarantees an extreme high reflection. As a result the mirror image is of a bright and brilliant image quality

High resistance against disinfection solvents

The SE plus silver coating is protected by a layer combination made of Copper/Titanium developed by our company, that ensures the extreme long life of our mouth mirrors by its high resistance against all types of disinfection and sterilization

SEflex with flexible and flat stem

The ergonomically correct angle can be self-adjusted

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