Slow-speed Contra-Angle Handpiece

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Slow-speed Contra-Angle Handpiece

*1 year Due Care unconditional warranty

Slow speed dental handpieces are used for removal of soft decay, finishing cavity preparation, polishing, trimming and prophy work. Contra-angle attachments, uses latch-type or friction grip burs. They can be used for intraoral or extraoral procedures to remove decay, polish amalgam restorations, refine cavity preparation, adjust crowns and bridges and adjust dentures. Burs vibrate less with contra-angle handpieces so they tend to be used for finer work. Medipros low-speed handpiece connects to any air driven Low speed motor or electric micromotor. The push button chuck system, accepts all RA Burs.

• 1:1 Direct drive contra angle
• Chuck type: Wrench or push button
• Water spray: external
• Bur applicable: Ø2.35-0.016mm
• Rotation speed: Max 40000rpm