MediPros® Steam Sterilization Integrator Class 5


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Class 5 Integrating Indicator Instruction

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MediPros® Steam Sterilization Integrator Class 5

For any autoclave that does not give a parameter printout of a cycle, the autoclave must be verified each day it is used.
To do this a class 5 indicator should be placed in the center bottom of the autoclave (preferably in the morning).
The indicator changes color when all parameters have been met for a cycle i.e. time, temp and pressure.
MediPros Steam Chemical Integrators are chemical indicators consisting of a paper wick and a steam and temperature sensitive chemical pellet contained in a paper/film/foil laminate.
The chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark color along the paper wick.
The migration is visible through a window marked REJECT or ACCEPT.
The extent of migration depends on steam, time, and temperature.