Laclede Fluoride Foam – Tropical


Available in 7 flavors

Witchy Candy Mint|Tyranna Grape|Bubble Bee Bubble Gum|Koala Berry|Apple Cinnamon|Panda Punch|Moose Mallow

165 ml/Bottle

Limit 2 per customer

Maximum Qty: 2
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Moose Mallow D4213 $58.00/bottle
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Panda Punch D4212 $58.00/bottle
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Apple Cinnamon D4211 $58.00/bottle
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Koala Berry D4210 $58.00/bottle
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Bubble Bee Bubble Gum D4209 $58.00/bottle
Tyranna Grape D4207 $58.00/bottle
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Witchy Candy Mint D4205 $58.00/bottle
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Fluoride Foam


Less gagging because there is no drip from the tray
Less nausea or vomiting
Child-friendly cartoon Package

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Witchy Candy Mint, Tyranna Grape, Bubble Bee Bubble Gum, Koala Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Panda Punch, Moose Mallow