We’re 100% Australian owned and operated company officially launched in March 2005. Honour International Trading Pty Ltd (HIT) is headquartered in Melbourne Australia. HIT supplies dental instruments and accessories as well as medical equipment. HIT also acts as a sourcing company, which helps customers find the products and the materials of the same quality they want but the better price.

Conceptualized and founded by key players in the regional trading fraternity, HIT is an innovative trade provider, backed by the solid reputation of its veteran trade executives. It is the quality product, combined with our competitive price that distinguishes HIT from other distributors.

As HIT’s largest business, it provides a virtually abundant range of consumable dental products to dentists, dental laboratories, institutions and other healthcare providers throughout Australia and New Zealand. HIT has the direct sales force in the industry, is the most trusted dental distributors in the nation. HIT provides products and services to help the clinics and organizations discover and implement best practices and obtain measurable results.

Sourcing products is a service that is always in demand. Looking for particular products from overseas could always be time consuming and costly. With years of international trading experience, HIT is the right choice for those companies who wish to find the correct product with good quality and discounted price.

HIT seeks to create partnerships that survive the test of time and create continued loyalty and opportunities. To HIT, every customer is important. It is our promise that competitive price, good quality products and friendly atmosphere will be rewarded to you every time you contact us. HIT will continue to serve the customers and maintain its reputation as a trusted and honoured distributor in the dental industry and medical market.