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0.9% Sodium Chloride (Saline) - 30ml Ampoules$0.69$52.00/Each
0.9% Sodium Chloride / Saline-Bags 500ml$5.70/bag  $5.13/bag
ADM Frostbite Cryogenic Vitality Spray 248ml$19.60/each
Ansell Dermaclean Powder Free Latex Gloves XS/S/M/L/XL$13.20/box
Ansell GAMMEX® DermaShield™ PF Sterile Latex Gloves$94.50/box
Ansell GAMMEX® Non-Latex Gloves$189.00
Ansell GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI Gloves$185.00/box
Ansell GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI Underglove$189.00/box
Ansell GAMMEX® Sterile Surgical Non-Latex Sensitive Gloves$169.95/box
Apex Locator$1,350.00/kit
Assistant Stool$680.00/each
Baxter 0.9% Sodium Chloride / Saline Bottles 500ml / 1 Litre$5.35$6.50/bottle
Bio Hygiene Bevisto - Instrumental 1L / 5L$81.50$359.50/bottle
Bio Hygiene Bevisto W1 (Acidic) - Suction Cleaner 1L / 5L$28.50$86.95/bottle
Bio Hygiene Bevisto W2 (Alkaline) - Suction Cleaner 1L / 5L$34.50$137.90/bottle
Bio Hygiene BevistoCryl Foam Dispenser – 200ml$9.95/each
Bio Hygiene BevistoCryl - Surface Disinfectant 1L / 5L$28.95$87.95/bottle
Bio Hygiene Pump Dispenser for 5ltr$16.00/each
Bio Hygiene Suction Cleaner Maintenance Device (2 Ltr)$109.50/each
Bite Wing Tabs$32.00/box
Bitewing/PA Pouches$21.00/box
Bonding Sticks$12.95/pack
Bracket Table Drapes 120x120$36.00
Bright Teeth Gel Refill Mint Flavoured 10% Carbamide Peroxide$27.50/bottle
Brush Applicator$14.99
Business Card Holder$12.00/each
Capo Bulk Fill$45.00/syringe
Capo Bulk Fill Plus Flowable Composite$45.00/syringe
Capo Dental Composite Filling Slow Flow Fissure Sealant$50.00/syringe
Capo Natural Capsules$85.00
Capo Natural Composite$49.80
Carbide Round Burs$42.00/pack
Cellife Rapid Antigen Test - Nasal$9.90
Classique® Premium Roll Hand Towel - 16 Rolls$56.00/ctn
Classique® Premium Toilet Paper Roll - 48 Individual Rolls$44.00/ctn
Clinidet Detergent 5 L/15 L$35.50$93.30/bottle
Clinidet Pump Nozzle$16.00/each
Clinidet Spray Bottle 500 ML$8.95/each
CliniJet DS$69.00$159.00/bottle
Cotton Buds$4.99/box
Crown Prep Bur Set$49.00/set
Dental Steel Burs – Long Shank$11.00
Dental Steel Burs – Normal Shank$7.00$15.00
Dentalife Endo Vitality Cryogenic Cold Spray 200ml$15.80/bottle
Dentalife Swirl Prep Hydrogen Peroxide 1% Mouth Rinses$88.00
Disposable Respirator KN95 Face Mask$34.95/box
Distiller Cleaner$18.50/bottle
Doctor / Operator's Stool$650.00/each
Doctor / Saddle Stool$680.00/each
Endo Motor Handpiece with APEX$1,795.00
Endosure EDTA-C Solution$27.50$55.00/bottle
Endosure Hypochlor 1% Solution$16.75$20.75/bottle
Ethicon Spongostan Gelatin Sponge 24pk$139.00
Flame Burs 862 FG$27.50
Flat Fissure Burs 835 FG$27.50
Fog Off Solution$38.00/bottle
Garbage Bags 36L/75L$3.75$9.95/roll
Gas Refill Can$8.00/bottle
HALYARD ISOWIPE Canisters$13.90/bottle
HALYARD ISOWIPE Refill 75 wipes$12.90/pack
HL-AH G8 Amalgamator$580.00/each
HL-IV LED3 Curing Light$499.00
Instrument Cassettes$118.00$208.00/each
Instrument Cleaning Brushes$9.50
Introduction of Chews / Orthodontic Chews$11.95$12.00
Isolation Gown - Lvl 4 for High Risk Area Use$35.00/each
Isolation Gown - Lvl 4 for ICU Use$68.00/bag
Isopol Blue/Clear 5L$60.00
Kiato® Sterile Surgical Blades$21.50
Kimberly Clark Compact Hand PaperTowel Dispenser$49.95/each
Kimberly-Clark Aquarius Optimum Hand Towel Dispenser 70250$60.95/each
Kleenex Kimberly Clark® 4440 Compact Paper Towels$65.95/ctn
Kleenex Kimberly Clark® 4456 Optimum Hand Towels$81.90/ctn
Kleenex Kimberly-Clark® Executive Tissues 4715$99.00/ctn
Kleenex Kimberly-Clark® Facial Tissues 4720$105.00/Ctn
LA Syringe 2.2ml$38.80/each
Laclede Dental Fluoride Foam$59.50/bottle
Liquid Hand Soap$4.95/bottle
Maxvalu® Tray Bags/Grocery Bags/Produce Bags$9.95/roll
Medicom® SafeBasics™ Easy Fit™ Latex Medical Exam Glove$10.95/box
Medipro® Scaler Handpiece Titanium EMS Compatible$330.00
Medipros Coupland 3mm$25.00
MediPros® 3 Ply Level 2 Surgical Face Mask$7.95$10.00/box
MediPros® 837 FG Dental Diamond Burs$16.50
MediPros® Acrylic Carbide Bur$31.00/each
MediPros® Adhesive Remover$180.00/each
MediPros® Air Water Syringe Tips/Triplex Tips-Metal$30.00/pack
MediPros® Alginate Spatula$6.60/each
MediPros® Amalgam Carrier Metal$39.00/each
MediPros® Amalgam Plugger$12.00/each
MediPros® Arch Forming Hollow Chop Plier$190.00/each
MediPros® Artery Forceps$19.50/each
MediPros® Articulating Paper$23.00$35.95/box
MediPros® Articulating Paper Holder$12.00/each
MediPros® Autoclave Sterile Tape 1.9*50M$6.00/roll
MediPros® Band Pusher$58.00/each
MediPros® Barbed Broach$8.50/pack
MediPros® Barrier Film$13.50$108.00/roll
MediPros® Barrier Film Dispenser Box$22.00/each
MediPros® Bayonet$39.95/each
MediPros® Bib Chains$6.80/each
MediPros® Bite Turbo$40.00
MediPros® Bone Curette$28.00/each
MediPros® Bone File$35.00/each
MediPros® Bowie Dick Helix Test$130.00$199.00/box
MediPros® Bracket Remover Anterior$180.00/each
MediPros® Bracket Remover Posterior$180.00/each
MediPros® Bracket Table Barrier 63*63cm 1000 sheets/ctn$140.00/ctn
MediPros® Bracket Table Cover 90*90 cm$55.00/box
MediPros® Brush Tip$8.50/bag
MediPros® Brush Tip Handle$7.00/each
MediPros® Bur Holders$8.00$21.00/each
MediPros® Burnisher$12.00/each
MediPros® Capsule Applicator / Activator$95.00$190.00/each
MediPros® Capsule Gun$38.00/each
MediPros® Carbon Fiber Rubber Dam Frame-Adult$23.00/each
MediPros® Cement Spatula$12.00/each
MediPros® Cheek Retractor$8.80/box
MediPros® Colour Code Instrument Rings$15.00/bag
MediPros® Cord Packer$12.00/each
MediPros® Cotton Roll Dispenser$11.00/each
MediPros® Cotton Rolls$6.98/bag
MediPros® Cow Horn$39.95/each
MediPros® Crown Scissors$12.00/each
MediPros® Cryers$28.00/each
MediPros® Crystal Dental Business Card Holder $88.00/each
MediPros® Curing Light Sleeve$18.00/box
MediPros® Dental Cabinet with Extension - D3007$1,450.00/each
MediPros® Dental Chair Sleeve$48.50$53.00/box
MediPros® Dental Dam Stabilizing Cord$35.00/each
MediPros® Dental Floss Wax$1.50/pack
MediPros® Dental Impression Material$31.00/Cartridge
MediPros® Dental Instrument Impression Tray Base$11.00/pair
MediPros® Dental Standard Model$69.00$85.00/each
MediPros® Dental Stickers$7.40/bag